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Watch Safes

Best Practices for Watch Safes

By Watch safes

Watch safes protect your timepieces and your stories A great watch safe keeps your collection ready-to-wear  We sell many different types of safes to many different types of people – but true watch people (and watch safes) are special. The craftsmanship of a Breguet  or a Chopard is akin to that of a timeless statue, and their aesthetics reflect museum-quality artistry. Perhaps above all, watch people love the story of their watch – the intricacies of its construction and the details and nuances of the materials therein. An elite timepiece is multifaceted in its value and its beauty and a watch collection is as complicated to secure and maintain as it is breathtaking to behold. With that in mind, here are…

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tech gift ideas for holiday gift

Tech Gift Ideas for Him and Her this Holiday Season

By Holiday Season, Holidays, Lifestyle, Technology

  Christmas is just around the corner, which means everyone’s already starting their wish list. If you’re like most people who consider it challenging to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, then these ideas will help you. For Men For the tech-savvy man in your life, there are plenty of gadgets and knickknacks that you can choose from. Find a gadget that matches the receiver’s personality and interest. A useful tech item will definitely make a difference. Audio-Technica AT-LP60-BT Turntable. For the musically-inclined man who’s into vinyl records, this new technology will be a keeper. This is stylish and can connect your music to a Bluetooth speaker. This makes the listening process more digital. This allows listening even…

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Great Destinations This Holiday Season

Great Destinations This Holiday Season

By Holidays, Lifestyle, Travel

  The cold weather kicks in during the holiday season and everything and everywhere is festive. It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year. This is also the perfect time to take a trip with the family (or alone) either to escape the cold or experience new things. Having a quick change of scenery is also an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a new different place. Here are some destinations that are worth checking out: Nuremberg, Germany The city is home to Christkindlesmarkt or the Nuremberg Christmas market. This a tradition and one of the oldest festivals in Europe that gets more than two million visitors annually. The highlights of the market include a steam train, old-fashioned carousel,…

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Christmas gifts

10 Over-the-Top Christmas Presents

By Jewelry & Fashion, Lifestyle

Christmas is the time of giving and gifting. It’s a jolly season of giving presents to our dearest families and friends. Though the spirit of giving should be practiced all year round, nothing speaks of Christmas more than fancy and rare presents. Here are some over-the-top Christmas gift ideas to make your loved ones feel special and spoiled. Chanel Bike. Don’t just give a typical bike from the store down the road. Make sure your special one rides in style with a $17,000 Chanel bike. It has impressive details like a pant guard, and a signature Chanel quilted leather bike pump and handles. It also comes with a jewelry roll and two quilted flap bags that can be used as…

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Casoro security

Ten Most Secure Locations on the Planet

By Travel

Some places take their security to the next level. Multi-layered protection at it’s best, these high security locations are designed to be impenetrable and withstand almost anything. Crossing a spectrum of different types of facilities, these locations are currently ten of the most secure in the world. Area 51; Nevada, USA A top-secret military testing facility, Area 51 has caught the interest and curiosity of people all over the world. It is a subsection of either Edwards Air Force Base or Nellis Air Force Base – the question of association hints at the mystery of the place. It was identified as the only location Skylab 4 astronauts were not allowed to photograph. Visitors arrive in unmarked airplanes. The airspace above…

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Spiral Wine Cellar

Spiral Wine Cellar

By Household, Lifestyle

  Looking for a creative, convenient way to store your wine? Consider a Spiral Wine Cellar. This relatively new approach to wine cellars provides the convenience of at home storage, with minimal space requirements, and fast, clean installation. What is a spiral cellar? The spiral cellar is a recent trend in wine cellars. It’s an innovative underground cellar that can be built on any ground floor room without needing any basement or actual cellar. It comes with a cylindrical system that gives natural cooling to the room and stores your wines in the best conditions. Developed in 1977 by Georges Harnois in France, the cellar was made for modern houses that needed a place to store wines. At that time,…

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what makes a watch luxurious

What makes a luxury watch luxurious?

By Jewelry & Fashion

    Luxury is transforming a functional item to an art form. The item is thus elevated to scarce availability, significantly higher value, and a symbol of economic status and reward. Luxury watches are a prime example. Most people, even those who are not watch connoisseurs, have heard of Rolex, Longines, and Omega. Those versed in haute horlogerie are familiar with or own Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe which can price out at $1,000,000 or more. Whether it is a $10,000 watch or a $1,300,000 watch, what makes a luxury watch… luxurious? The Movement of the Hands There are three types of movements: manual, quartz, and automatic. But first, what is a movement? A movement is the engine…

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High Gloss Curly Maple
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