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Emerald in Jewelry Box Blue with Zebra wood and Champagne microsuede

Choosing the right jewelry safe accessories can ensure your pieces stay beautiful for as long as you love them (i.e., forever). After all, your jewelry is precious – not just because of its cost, but because of its sentimental value – and it deserves a special place to rest between wears. That’s where Casoro comes in.

The best part of luxury jewelry safes is the customization. That’s why we encourage you to design each element of your safe to complement your aesthetics, jewelry collection and lifestyle.

Choose Your Preferred Lock

We offer two types of UL rated, commercial-grade jewelry safe locks: electronic and mechanical. If you need help deciding which type of lock is best for you, read on.

  • Electronic locks prioritize ease of use. They’re straightforward, quick, and just as secure as any other. The batteries are easily changed from the outside and you won’t lose your passcode when batteries die.
  • Mechanical dials are timeless. If you desire that classic look and feel, the mechanical dial is the perfect addition to your jewelry safe

Fashion a Unique Interior

Designing the interior layout for your jewelry safe offers ample opportunity for your personal style to shine bright (like, say, a diamond). Here are just a few options for customizing your jewelry safe:

  • Choose your exterior paint color. We offer a wide array of shades, ranging from classicAlabaster Whiteand Onyx Black to striking Hot Rod Red and Precious Pink.
  • Select your desired number of drawers in exotic wood or carbon fiber.
  • Mix and match various microsuede drawer interiors to organize your collection. We’ve carefully crafted these to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and cash.
  • Include a file drawer for important papers like certificates of authenticity and receipts.
  • Affix a full-length or partial mirror to the door.
  • Adorn the door with a necklace panel.
  • Incorporate a panel of fully programmable watch winders.
  • If you have guns, a rack for long guns is available in our Gemstone Ruby.

Customize Your Jewelry Safe Online

It’s easy to select your jewelry safe accessories and customize your order from the comfort of your home. To get started, simply click here to choose your preferred Collection. After that, we’ll walk you through the process step by step.

In a hurry? Peruse our Ready-to-Ship jewelry safes to order one that will ship within 3-5 working days!

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