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We know that you want to appreciate and enjoy your hard-earned valuables while feeling confident and secure. To achieve that, you'll need a jewelry safe for your home that delivers proven security, convenience and ultimately peace of mind. The problem is you're probably so used to hiding your valuables throughout your house or driving to the bank, you simply don't know where to start or what to look for when it comes to buying the right safe. This likely leaves you feeling unsure about the process and even vulnerable knowing you're still not protected from theft and fire.

You're not alone. We have this conversation over and over. We work closely with the independent global leaders in safe certification and we've helped 1000's of clients across the country and internationally to protect $100's of millions in valuables and family heirlooms.

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote

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White Glove Service

From the time you first call us to inquire and explore the different Casoro options to the point the safe is delivered to your home and installed exactly where you want it, we will give you our very best.

We will ask enough questions, and listen carefully to your answers, to ensure we understand your needs and help you make the best decisions. Because these jewelry safes for home are heavy and not so easy to move around, we will pay close attention to the delivery details in order to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible.

Rest Assured, Your Valuables are Safe

Testimonial 6

I needed to find a good solution for storing my fine jewelry and came across your company online. From the first to last interaction, each and every experience has been 1st class!
A++ to all and kudos to you both for building a corporate culture that is rare in today’s impersonal business world.

– Cathy in Scottsdale, AZ

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote

Testimonial 5

The safe arrived and was installed carefully. Your crew did a terrific job. It is beautiful and fits perfectly. I look forward to filling it up! Please extend my gratitude to all who helped me with this process and decision. I am quite pleased.

– Beth in La Cañada, CA

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote

Testimonial 4

Truly, I love the safe. It is a pleasure to go in and out of. It is made with loving care. The color choices in and out are perfect for me. Well done!

– Lisa in Longboat Key, FL

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote

Testimonial 3

It’s the best thing I ever bought for myself. I wear my jewelry now. I’m just sad I missed out all these years, but there’s no going back I am so glad I finally did this!

– Patrice in LA

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote

Testimonial 2

My wife and I now have a beautiful luxury safe. We don’t consider it a ‘safe’, but rather a gorgeous piece of art. The safe, the service, and the entire experience far exceeded our expectations!

– Tim in North GA

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote


The Safe is absolutely beautiful. I love the color. It Exceeded our expectations, We are extremely happy!

Janice – Santa Monica, CA

Shop Ready To Ship Design & Get Quote

Trustworthy Security – Independent Verification
First and foremost, Casoro is committed to providing security you can count on. Don’t just take our word for it, look for the Underwriters Laboratories label on all Casoro Jewelry Safes for home. UL conducts stringent tests to evaluate performance and follows up with regular factory visits to ensure those standards continue to be met. UL has been testing and certifying burglar safes since 1923. With their expressed purpose of “bringing quality and safety to life for more than 130 years”, we count on UL as our guide to quality products across a wide range of industries. Our popular fire-resistant safes have also been independently tested and verified for 1 or 2 hours fire protection.

Ultimate Luxury – Wow! Every Time
For luxury our Gemstone and Kairos safes can’t be beat. We do sweat the details, using top quality materials lavishly throughout the safe. These high end safes are lined with elegant microsuede, as are the drawers inside. Mirror-like reflective material covers the back of the safe drawing in light and increasing visibility. Lighting is flush mounted in the ceiling with a sensor automatically turning the light on and off as you open and close the door. Consider including watch winders handsomely displaying your timepieces in a panel running the width of your safe. Our watch winders are fully programmable with intuitive and easy to use controls. Learn more about what you need to know when buying a luxury safe.

Truly Custom – Design Your Own
Casoro’s user friendly website allows you to design just the right safe for your needs and desires. Choose from our ultimate Kairos Collection, most popular Gemstone Collection or lower cost Classic Collection. If you want a safe to protect from the typical residential burglar or a sophisticated, professional safe cracker, we have a solution that will protect you. Let your creative juices take flight with a variety of colors and materials from which to choose. Select the number of drawers and style of drawer interiors that meet your needs today and into the future. Consider options to further customize the safe with watch winders, flush LED downlighting, necklace rack, file drawer and more.

White Glove Support – From Beginning to Placement in Your Home
We know this is a big decision, so our expert consultants are available to patiently assist you along the way. We are committed to making this an enjoyable experience for you from the time you initially contact us, until you are happily using the safe in the comfort of your home. Having trouble deciding on colors and materials, order a Design Kit with a full array of samples. Or, let us know the specific paints, woods and fabrics you are deciding between and we will send you select samples at no cost.