After more than 20 years of custom-designing jewelry safes for our clients, we have learned the features and accessories that are most important in each Casoro safe. So we pre-designed a selection of our safes from each collection that are ready-to-ship and will secure your most treasured possessions as soon as possible.

This exceptional selection of pre-designed safes are available in our most popular sizes, colors and interior configurations to meet quick turnaround needs. Most safes come with open black velvet drawer interiors, a few come with preselected drawer interiors in coordinating microsuede.

Ask Us About Adding Watch Winders!

Design A Custom Safe

Your safe will ship 3-5 working days from receipt of your order in the current configuration. Some safes have room to add watch winders ($500 ea), which we will do at your request and ship in 4-5 weeks.

These safes are one of a kind, first come first serve. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a safe quickly. Select a safe from the list below and put it in the shopping cart to get on it’s way to you soon!

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