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Ruby XL40 in Cobalt Blue and Chrome with Bubinga and Oyster

Any Casoro Safe can be an Ultimate Watch Safe. Your time pieces can be placed in drawers or better yet mounted on watch winders elegantly presented in rows on custom watch panels. Design your own Watch Safe or select one of our preconfigured Ready To Ship safes.

We are excited about our partnership with Wolf, Inc. the leader in watch winder technology worldwide, (see more below). Their fully programmable winders are easy to use, quiet and reliable.

Exercising your automatic watch is a critical part of maintaining its life and functionality. Equally important is the convenience of having your timepiece ready to wear at a moment’s notice. No need to deal with the inconvenience of resetting the time, date and all other functions before you can head out on the town.

Whether you opt for the most popular Gemstone Collection, the ultra-stylized Kairos Collection, or the scaled down Classic Collection, each safe can be configured for watches. Let us know if you want a custom size safe – we’ll get you a quote. Learn more about our watch winder safes.

Our Best Sellers

Design Your Gemstone Watch Safe Now

Our most popular collection of safes

Design Your Kairos Watch Safe Now

Our ultra-stylized safe with carbon fiber

First choose your preferred Collection, then the size you want to design. After selecting your finishes, security and drawer preferences, you will have the opportunity to add watch winders as part of the optional Accessories.

Casoro’s Ultimate Watch Safes are the ideal place to protect and maintain your fine timepieces.

Casoro Incorporates Advanced Winding Technology

Watch safe - Kairos 3 Winder Close Up

We are proud to offer Wolf Winders in any of our Casoro Safes. Wolf has been a British icon since 1834.

They design and make each winder to turn with patented perfection and have worldwide distribution in over 3,000 retailers and 60 countries across the globe.

Wolf has become world renowned for outstanding watch winders because of the sophisticated technology and reliability built into each and every winder.

  • Winders are quiet, they incorporate silent-running nylon gears that will not grind.
  • Motor is protected against electrical emissions to prevent your timepiece from becoming magnetized.
  • Quarts eye counter ensures your timepiece turns precisely the set turns per day (TPD) no matter it’s weight.
  • Patented rotation programs use intermittent rotation with pause and sleep pre-programed phases.
  • Turns per day (TPD) is programmable for each watch, from 300 – 1200 TPD.
  • Direction of turn is also programmable, clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directional.
  • Start delay is available, from 6 to 72 hours.
  • Locking cuff with a patented design safely secures your watch.
  • Multi-function control panel for each watch allows convenient, easy use.
  • Choose AC or battery power.

Wolf Watch Winders

The Ultimate Watch Safes by Casoro incorporate internationally renowned Wolf winders. The Wolf winder is a handmade precision instrument. From the optimum size of drum and cuff to the technology that delivers exact turns per day. They test the test to ensure delivery of the highest possible quality – nothing is left to chance.

The Wolf winder focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. Wolf’s unique patented turn counting technology ensures number of rotations is not an estimate, but an actual count.  The number of turns per day of other winders is impacted by the weight of the watch. Wolf’s counting technology locks in the correct number of turns for a lighter weight ladies watch as well as the larger, heavier watches popular today.

At Casoro we use the Wolf 4.1 winder allowing you to independently program each winder providing optimal movement rhythm for each of your time pieces.  The 4.1 winder includes a user-friendly control panel with a backlit LCD for setting number of turns and clearly marked dials allowing control of power, direction of turn and start delay.

WOLF’s handmade watch winders work with all automatic watches, vintage or new. Wolf winders ensure the perfect wind, every time.

Beware of Bad Watch Winders

Sapphire in Onyx, Bocote and Ebony with 6 Winders + 2 DrawersIt’s important to note that a poorly constructed watch winder can do more harm than no winder at all. Automatic watches are designed to be worn by people. The natural movements of the human wrist create a fairly even distribution of motion, which is flawlessly recreated in a quality watch winder. A bad winder however, can have too much movement or repetitive motions and actually wear down your watch’s mechanisms. Just remember, fine watches deserve fine winders, nothing less.

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