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Proper Storage and Care

Kairos-K2 - watch winder safe -12 Winder Panel with 2 DrawersWatches are a favorite collector’s item for many men, and women. Collections can be as small as one or two, but once the fever catches many will continue to grow their collections to values exceeding $50,000, $100,000 and well beyond. Many of our U.S. Presidents have had an interest in fine time pieces. A popular accessory for these luxury watches are watch winders and a watch winder safe protects and keeps your watch fully wound.

Watch winders are battery or AC powered devices that keep automatic watches fully wound. I remember well the mechanical watches that had to be manually wound every few days to keep them running. These days automatic or self-winding watches are more common. These automatic watches are dependent upon the movement of the wearers arm to keep the watch wound. As long as the watch is worn, all is well and accurate time is kept. But, as many of us have multiple watches, some will remain out of use, safely stored in our watch safes for a period of time. This “resting” time increases the chance that that the watch will stop keeping time. Once the watch is fully unwound the watch needs to be reset, the time, the date and any other function of the particular watch. The more functions a watch has the faster it becomes unwound. What a hassle!

Enter watch winders. Keeping watches wound, while not being worn, eliminates the need for manual rewinding and resetting. The winder replicates the natural movement of the arm as much as possible. That means including rest and sleep periods, rather than continuous motion. Some winders have set rotation schedules and others are programmable. Continuous motion would increase wear and tear on the winding components of the watch. Knowing your stuff when selecting a watch winder is key to taking good care of your luxury watch.

The Most Secure Watch Winder

At Casoro Jewelry Safes we have selected Wolf as our watch winder of choice. Wolf has been around since 1834 and is an internationally recognized leader in the watch winder industry. Wolf winders are built to turn with patented perfection to maintain the life and functionality of your timepiece while dramatically increasing convenience. We put Casoro and Wolf together to create the Ultimate Watch Safe.


Watch Winders Available on Any Jewelry Safe

The watch winders can be included with any of our luxury jewelry safes. Generally the winders are mounted on a panel in one or more rows of 2, 3 or 4 across, according to the size and design of the safe. You can choose from DC (battery) or AC (plug into an outlet in the wall) powered winders. For your convenience, we recommend AC power for configurations with 3 or more winders.

Watch winders provide significant value added to your jewelry safe and are well worth serious consideration. Give us a call at Casoro Jewelry Safes, we would be happy to discuss this option with you and any other aspect in the design of your own luxury watch winder safe.


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