Most Popular Jewelry Safe Configurations


With so many possible jewelry safe combinations, sometimes it’s hard to choose! If it seems like the possibilities are endless and you need a helping hand, you’ve come to the right place! You’re the reason we put together this page with our most popular luxury safes, each in their most popular configurations, color combinations, and more! Are you thinking about an Amethyst, but don’t know how many drawers to choose, or whether to go with Zebra or Walnut for your exotic wood chest? Simply scroll down to see what the most popular choices are among our customers and then you can decide to choose the same or to go a different route; it’s up to you!

Starting Price$5,999$7,599$8,699$10,699$12,199 / $13,699
Most Popular Configuration$6,599$8,249$10,099$13,514$15,369 / $16,799
Exterior High GlossAlabaster MetallicAlabaster MetallicAlabaster MetallicAlabaster MetallicChocolate Metallic
Ultrasuede FabricChampagneChampagneCharcoalChampagneChampagne
Exotic Wood ChestCurly MapleCurly MapleWalnutCurly MapleMahogany
# of Drawers5 Drawers4 Drawers7 Drawers11 Drawers11 Drawers
Custom Drawer Interiors43599
Accessories        LightingNecklace Rack, LightingNecklace Panel, LightingLighting
Topaz SafesSapphire SafesAmethyst SafesEmerald SafesRuby Safes


Among our Topaz customers, the popularity vote goes to a little beauty decked out with a clean Alabaster high gloss exterior and Chrome trim, filled top to bottom with Curly Maple drawers and Champagne microsuede. The popular 5-drawer configurations completely fills the Topaz and most customers outfit all but one of their drawers with customized interiors, each interior chosen to suit the individual’s personal collection. Due to its small size this safe is most convenient on a pedestal or secured in reinforced cabinetry that raises it up off the floor. If you’re like these Topaz owners who have a variety of jewelry pieces and admire classic colors, this Topaz configuration may just be right for you.


Moving up the line in size, the popular choice in the Sapphire collection is also Alabaster high gloss and Chrome trim with Curly Maple wood and Champagne microsuede for an all-light and very neutral look. The second most popular Sapphire is Onyx high gloss paint with Chrome trim, Blackwood and Charcoal microsuede, frequently including watch winders, a combination often chosen by men. The 4-drawer option leaves room for open space and wins the bid for most frequently selected, most customers request customized drawer interiors for three of their four drawers. If you’re looking for a safe that fits under the lower clothing bar in your closet and allows you to secure automatic watches, handbags or other valuables as well as jewelry, then this configuration could be a good fit for you.


As the mid-size option, the Amethyst is our second most popular safe model. This gem accommodates a wide variety of valuables. The depth allows room for our popular necklace rack mounted to the inside of the door. The configuration winner in the Amethyst category is yet again Alabaster Metallic paint and Chrome hardware. This model is most often configured with 7-drawers in Walnut with Charcoal microsuede and a  necklace rack. Our LED downlights and watch winders are also very popular in this model. With these warm interior tones, and the convenience of the necklace rack, it’s hard to beat this winning Amethyst configuration.


Emerald is by far our most popular model likely due to the convenience of chest height drawers and plenty of space for valuables of all kinds. The winning configuration is the very versatile Alabaster with Chrome trim, Curly Maple wood and Champagne microsuede. The majority of the Emeralds that leave our shop include LED downlights and a necklace panel that runs the full height of the door. Watch winders are growing in popularity and the Emerald configuration allows plenty of room for these winders, jewelry and more. Most of our Emerald customers choose to have 11 drawers in their safe taking full advantage of the height of the safe. For those desiring to store documents a file drawer is also a valuable addition.


The final stop on our safe popularity tour is the Ruby and surprise, it’s NOT Alabaster Metallic as the favorite paint color! It’s Bullion Gold Metallic! As with the Emerald, 11 drawers is included in most of the Ruby safes departing our workshop. Curly Maple is the most popular wood in this model and Royal Blue microsuede is often selected. This safe usually is configured to include interior lighting and a full length necklace panel. Whatever color combination fits your style Ruby provides a very secure and elegant home for your lovely collection.

We hope hearing about our customers’ jewelry safe favorites has helped make your decision making easier, and as always, we’re here to help with any questions you might have. Just give us a call!