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Chilean Burglary Ring Wreaking Havoc Across Wealthy US

Law enforcement officials are warning residents to be extra cautious after an increase in burglaries allegedly committed by South American crime rings. News headlines across the country are exposing a new, more dangerous burglary threat. Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, and others, are all being hit. Chilean burglary rings are quick, efficient, and rarely caught. They Are Trained & Sophisticated These “South American theft groups”, also referred to as “Chilean tourist burglars” or “crime tourists”, are coming to the U.S. on 90-day travel visas after being trained and equipped in their home country. The expertise and tools they bring are resulting in affluent neighborhoods being ravaged - 10, 15 and 20 homes in single neighborhoods are being hit by…
December 16, 2022
Jewelry safes

What to Consider When Designing the Jewelry Safe with Drawers of Your Dreams

When you're building your dream jewelry safe with drawers, it helps to know all your options. There are a lot of things that go into designing the right one for your needs, and ultimately, it's about finding the right balance between security and convenience. It’s always a good idea to think about the size and shape of your jewelry collection when deciding drawers, interior, features, and size of your safe. Choosing the Layout First, take a look at our layout options so you get a sense of how to configure your safe and where your pieces might go. Next, take a look at your collection and ask yourself: Do I have a lot of necklaces? Do they fall into rows…
October 13, 2022
Jewelry safes

The Best Way to Keep Your Jewelry Safe at Home

If You Read One Blog Post About Jewelry Safety, Read This One: A Foolproof Method on the Best Way to Use Your Jewelry Safe Where do you store your jewelry to keep it safe? No, the answer is not on top of your dresser. The safest place for jewelry is to always keep it with you, but sometimes that’s not the most practical option. For your fine and priceless jewelry and other accessories, the next best option is to invest in a quality burglar and fire jewelry safe that is placed in a convenient area in your home where you’re more likely to use it. If a jewelry safe isn’t conveniently located at reach, then it’s highly likely that you…
February 7, 2022
Jewelry safes

Jewelry Safe Installation: Your Guide to Where & Why

Deciding how to approach your jewelry safe installation is as important as choosing the safe itself. Now that you’ve got your safe selected, where should you put it? Upstairs or downstairs? Den or dressing room? If you're in the process of remodeling your home, you’re in luck: now is the perfect time to factor the ideal location into your plans. But whether you’re mid-renovation or integrating a jewelry safe into your existing home, here are some important considerations: Jewelry Safe Installation Locations You might be tempted to install your jewelry safe in the locked basement, but let’s be honest: If it isn’t conveniently located, you’ll be more inclined to leave your valuables vulnerable on the dresser. Most likely, you’re looking…
May 27, 2021
Jewelry safes

Home Jewelry Safe Security Levels

Your jewelry is only as safe as its home jewelry safe! That’s why it’s so important to arm your safe with the appropriate level of security — and to understand the ratings, classifications and labels assigned to those security levels. UL-Certified Security for Your Home Jewelry Safe We offer three security levels for your home jewelry safe, all of which are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and exceed the Residential Security Container (RSC) rating. Whether your primary concern is fire, a typical home burglary or a more sophisticated attack, we have a safe to suit your needs. RSC/B-Rate This is our most popular safe and a great choice if you’re seeking protection from fire or a standard smash-and-grab burglary. These…
April 27, 2021
Casoro Jewelry & Watch Safes

Jewelry Safe Accessories: Securing Your Jewelry in Style

Choosing the right jewelry safe accessories can ensure your pieces stay beautiful for as long as you love them (i.e., forever). After all, your jewelry is precious – not just because of its cost, but because of its sentimental value – and it deserves a special place to rest between wears. That’s where Casoro comes in. The best part of luxury jewelry safes is the customization. That's why we encourage you to design each element of your safe to complement your aesthetics, jewelry collection and lifestyle. Choose Your Preferred Lock We offer two types of UL rated, commercial-grade jewelry safe locks: electronic and mechanical. If you need help deciding which type of lock is best for you, read on. Electronic…
March 25, 2021
Watch safes

Best Practices for Watch Safes

Watch safes protect your timepieces and your stories A great watch safe keeps your collection ready-to-wear  We sell many different types of safes to many different types of people – but true watch people (and watch safes) are special. The craftsmanship of a Breguet  or a Chopard is akin to that of a timeless statue, and their aesthetics reflect museum-quality artistry. Perhaps above all, watch people love the story of their watch – the intricacies of its construction and the details and nuances of the materials therein. An elite timepiece is multifaceted in its value and its beauty and a watch collection is as complicated to secure and maintain as it is breathtaking to behold. With that in mind, here are…
February 11, 2021

Best Hotels in the World

When thinking about travel, hotel accommodations are always a key component. A luxurious and comfortable hotel is a vacation in itself. Choosing the right hotel accommodations makes all the difference in the experience itself as well as ensuring you come back feeling refreshed. Some hotels have jaw-dropping interiors and features while others are nestled in unique scenery that takes them to the top of the industry. As you create your #TravelGoals for 2019, here are some of the best hotels around the world you might want to include on your list: Four Seasons Resort Bali - Sayan, Indonesia This property has been around for 20 years. It has 60 rooms and can be reached by a suspension bridge in the…
January 31, 2019
Holiday SeasonHolidaysLifestyleTechnology

Tech Gift Ideas for Him and Her this Holiday Season

  Christmas is just around the corner, which means everyone’s already starting their wish list. If you’re like most people who consider it challenging to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, then these ideas will help you. For Men For the tech-savvy man in your life, there are plenty of gadgets and knickknacks that you can choose from. Find a gadget that matches the receiver’s personality and interest. A useful tech item will definitely make a difference. Audio-Technica AT-LP60-BT Turntable. For the musically-inclined man who’s into vinyl records, this new technology will be a keeper. This is stylish and can connect your music to a Bluetooth speaker. This makes the listening process more digital. This allows listening even…
December 22, 2018
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