The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Luxury Watch Safe

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A New Dimension of Modern Luxury

Modern, sleek security for watches, jewelry and other valuables. Precision crafted with a high tech look that incorporates carbon fiber, sculpted handles, soft close drawers and watch winders. Prices start at $14,599.

To design your own, begin by selecting your size below, then you’ll be guided to select your desired color and number of watch winders and drawers.

Eiger, Small Black Jewelry & Watch Safe With Drawers Watch Winders High-end Carbon Fiber For Home

27″H x 22″W x 23″D
505 lbs.
Base Price: $14,599


Kairos Denali Titanium Metallic Jewelry Safe with 8 Winders 3 Drawers

40″H x 22″W x 24″D
720 lbs.
Base Price: $19,999


K2, Large/Tall Silver Jewelry & Watch Safe With Drawers Watch Winders High-end Carbon Fiber For Home

60″H x 24″W x 23″D
775 lbs.
Base Price: $32,999


Note: All dimensions are rounded, detailed dimensions are on the individual specifications page.

Get To Know The Kairos Collection

Carbon Fiber Interior

Our craftsmen meticulously craft each curved front and door inlay with premium carbon fiber.


Soft-Close Drawers + Sculpted Handles

For the most luxurious experience the Kairos Collection features custom sculpted polished or satin chrome handles and soft close drawers.

Keep an eye on our Ready To Ship Kairos safes for the push-to-open option.

Kairos carbon fiber interior

Wolf 1834 Watch Winders

As the ultimate watch safe, we offer fully programmable Wolf 1834 watch winders to keep your timepieces in pristine condition and ready to wear at a moments notice. Wolf, Inc. is the leader in watch winder technology worldwide.

  • Winders are quiet incorporating silent-running nylon gears that will not grind.
  • Motor is protected against electrical emissions to prevent your timepiece from becoming magnetized.
  • Quartz eye counter ensures your timepiece turns precisely the set turns per day (TPD) no matter it’s weight.
  • Patented rotation programs use intermittent rotation with pause and sleep pre-programed phases.
  • Turns per day (TPD) is programmable for each watch, from 300 – 1200 TPD.
  • Direction of turn is also programmable, clockwise, counter clockwise or bi-directional.
  • Start delay is available, from 6 to 72 hours.
  • Locking cuff with a patented design safely secures your watch.
  • Multi-function control panel for each watch allows convenient, easy use.

We offer 3 sizes of watch winder cuffs in black velvet to suit any wrist size.

watch winder safe panel

High Security For High Value Collections

Like all Casoro Collections, Kairos is available in 4 levels of security. Get to know each option below. For those with high value collections, we recommend RSCII, TL15 or TL30.

UL Residential Security RSCI + Fire

  • Residential security
  • Thwarts typical home burglar
  • 1 and 2-hour fire protection
  • Able to be placed on upper floor
  • 1/2″ steel door, total of 1/4″ steel body

UL Residential Security RSCII + Fire

  • Upgraded residential security
  • Thwarts sophisticated home burglar
  • 2-hour fire protection
  • TL-15 high security boltwork
  • 1/2″ steel door, total of 1/2″ steel body

UL Commercial Security TL15

  • True “high security” rating
  • No fire protection
  • Recommended for high value collections
  • Thicker, high-tensile steel
  • Slimmer profile for tighter spaces
  • Most sizes are able to be placed on upper floor

UL Commercial Security TL30 + Fire

  • True “high security” rating
  • 2-hour fire protection
  • Recommended for high value collections
  • Too heavy for many upper floor locations


UL Residential Security watch safe

UL Residential Security
with Fire Protection

UL Commercial
High Security TL15

UL Commercial
High Security TL30
with Fire Protection