Bolt work

Stationary bolts, locking bolts, 2-way 3-way or 4-way bolt work

  • These keep the door shut until the safe is unlocked.

Burglar safe

  • Not all safes offer “reasonable” burglar resistance.
  • All Casoro safes have passed the basic UL burglar test.

Composite Safe

  • Safe constructed of two layers of steel encasing a composite or aggregate mixture, usually including concrete often mixed with other materials, to provide fire protection.


  • Also known as sheet rock, used to provide fire protection in many safes.
  • Casoro safes use a more sophisticated proprietary light weight concrete instead.

Electronic lock (aka digital, pushbutton lock)


  • A mark indicating the product passed a performance test conducted by Intertek. See Intertek below.

Fire safe


  • Extra hard steel that common tools can’t drill or cut, protects the lock.
  • Ask us about increasing the security of your Casoro safe by building it with hardplate.


  • One of the world’s largest testing, inspection and certification companies.
  • Has a network of laboratories across North and South America, Europe and Asia to deliver safety testing and certification for products.
  • The term ETL Mark or Listed suggests the product has passed an Intertek test.

Mechanical lock

  • The kind that you spin back and forth.
  • Not as easy or quick as electronic or digital locks.


  • A heat-sensitive seal that expands 6 – 10 times it’s thickness when headed to enhance fire resistance.

Plate Steel Safe

  • Safe constructed of plate steel and no fire protection.


  • A device associated with the lock that further secures your valuables during certain burglar attacks.
  • Multiple relockers are included on all Casoro safes.

UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory)

  • UL is the organization in the USA that tests products of every type to establish that certain standards of safety and quality have been met.
  • UL’s tests are expensive, so not all companies are able to submit their products. All Casoro safes earned the UL burglary label.
  • UL is considered to have the most stringent testing conditions and requirements of any US recoginized testing company.