The Data Supports Our Claim

Don’t take our word for it, look to internationally recognized independent agencies who have verified the burglar and fire protection our safes provide. All our safes have received certification from Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) for burglary protection and most have fire protection verification by either UL or ETL/Intertek.

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Underwriters Laboratories
Working for a Safer World since 1894

The UL Mark is a widely recognized and respected symbol of certification to the highest standards and is a key differentiator within the security market.

UL has a long history in the safe industry.

1923 – UL certified the first burglar resistant safe

1925 – UL established a burglary protection department

1956 – UL went international certifying European-made products, and starts in Japan in 1959


Edison Testing Labs
Bringing Quality and Safety to Life for more than 130 Years

ETL/Intertek has been the Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, in over 100 countries, 1,000 locations, and 42,000 employees.

1888 – Intertek pioneered the idea of independent testing laboratories

1896 – Thomas Edison established the Lamp Testing Bureau to ensure his products were checked, tested and safe. This later became Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL)

The first priority of Casoro Safes is to provide security you can trust. To that end, we look to nationally and internationally recognized leaders in independent testing to verify the quality of protection our safes provide.

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Burglar Protection

At Casoro we have responded to the needs and requests of our customers by offering three standard levels of burglar protection. We can provide safes with yet higher levels of security upon request.

UL RSC – residential security with fire protection, these safes successfully withstood UL’s test emulating a typical home burglary

UL TL15 Stealth – commercial level security for higher value collections or when you are likely to be targeted by a professional safe cracker; does not include fire protection

UL TL30 2Hr Fire – commercial level security for higher value collections or when you are likely to be targeted by a professional safe cracker, includes fire protection, beware of heavier weight requiring reinforced floors

You choose the level of security you want:

Pro Tip:

  • Current security statistics suggest a typical home burglary is over in 5 – 10 minutes. 
  • Keep in mind the safe only protects your valuables when you use it, locate the safe as close to where you get dressed as possible so it gets used!

A little background. There are two different systems used to describe levels of burglar security: construction ratings and performance ratings. Construction ratings describe the materials the safe is built with, while performance ratings test how the safe holds up when attacked.

Performance ratings are the measuring stick used by the major insurance companies called upon to carry the risk of inventories held by jewelers and coin dealers. Some time ago they realized the construction standards, primarily thickness of steel, they previously used to predict security, were not adequate. While thickness of steel is an indication, there are other factors in how the safe is made that impact the security it provides. Today these insurance companies use performance ratings to determine how much risk they are willing to take. These performance ratings are earned based on tests run and passed at UL, the authority in performance testing.

These insurance companies have guidelines for what rating of safe is required for them to insure certain levels of inventory in a retail jewelry store. The numbers below are typical, though they will vary based on contents, insurer, location and additional security present.

  • TL-15 Plate Steel – $150,000
  • TL-15 Composite – $250,000
  • TL-30 Plate Steel – $250, 000
  • TL-30 Composite – $350,000
  • TL-30×6 – $750,000
  • TRTL-30×6 – $1,000,000

Pro Tip:

  • Steel plate safes do not provide fire protection; composite TL safes include additional material for fire protection that also increases burglar protection.

For more information about Burglar Ratings, please click here.

fire protection

Fire Protection

As with burglar protection, nationally recognized independent testing agencies can be used to verify fire protection claims, but many safe manufacturers don’t use them. Casoro relies on Underwriter’s Laboratories and ETL/Intertek to verify the fire protection claims of our safes.

Our RSC and TL30 Fire safes provide fire protection, the TL15 Stealth does not due to its focus on sleek size and weight. One hour of fire protection is a comfortable level for most home environments, our fire resistive jewelry safes provide one or two hours according to the model. Vulnerability to fire varies based on a number of factors including but not limited to construction of the home, proximity to fire services, terrain and weather.

For more information about Fire Ratings, please click here.