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Which High Security Lock is Right for Me?

By April 22, 2015 No Comments

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When it comes to locks, we get this question all the time: Which lock is the best: the mechanical, electronic keypad, or biometric? The answer is…Yes! While the electronic lock is our standard and by far our most popular, all of these locks are good choices. They are all rated as high security locks by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), and the most reliable of their types on the market. There are a few key differences, which may help you decide, which lock is right for you.


This lock is right for you if you want a time tested and easy to use lock without extra expense. The electronic locks we use have been around for many years and are very easy to use. Owners of the electronic lock can easily set and change their own 6-digit combination whenever they wish. This ability to change the combination independently gives the user the ability to choose a sequence that is easy to remember and makes it more likely that the numbers will change from time to time (providing an additional layer of security). They are powered by one or two 9V batteries housed in the keypad on the outside of the safe, and typically need to be changed annually. If you end up choosing to go with the electronic lock, check out more tips on choosing your combination and more on our blog.


Choose this lock if you are already familiar with high security mechanical locks or if you have a strong aversion to electronics. This is not your typical high school locker mechanical lock. These locks take precise dialing and a degree of patience due to the number of turns required. It’s important to note that changing the combination of a mechanical lock, generally requires a locksmith.

Biometric Lock

If you want the hottest new technology and are not scared off by some additional expense, you should consider the biometric lock. The biometric locks that we use are by Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G), and are also very reliable and require two 9V batteries. The biometric lock has all the advantages of the electronic lock plus the option of simple fingerprint opening. Up to 9 fingerprints can be stored. You can also choose to set the lock to open with a fingerprint or a code, or require both a fingerprint and a code for the safe to open. The biometric lock has an additional cost of $1,099. To learn more about the biometric lock, visit our blog post: How Does a Biometric Lock Work?

Have more questions about which lock to choose for your jewelry safe? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help! Also be sure to learn all about our luxury safes for the best in high security safes.

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