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Best Hotels in the World

When thinking about travel, hotel accommodations are always a key component. A luxurious and comfortable hotel is a vacation in itself. Choosing the right hotel accommodations makes all the difference in the experience itself as well as ensuring you come back feeling refreshed. Some hotels have jaw-dropping interiors and features while others are nestled in unique scenery that takes them to the top of the industry. As you create your #TravelGoals for 2019, here are some of the best hotels around the world you might want to include on your list: Four Seasons Resort Bali - Sayan, Indonesia This property has been around for 20 years. It has 60 rooms and can be reached by a suspension bridge in the…
Nancy Bryan
January 31, 2019

Great Destinations This Holiday Season

  The cold weather kicks in during the holiday season and everything and everywhere is festive. It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year. This is also the perfect time to take a trip with the family (or alone) either to escape the cold or experience new things. Having a quick change of scenery is also an opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a new different place. Here are some destinations that are worth checking out: Nuremberg, Germany The city is home to Christkindlesmarkt or the Nuremberg Christmas market. This a tradition and one of the oldest festivals in Europe that gets more than two million visitors annually. The highlights of the market include a steam train, old-fashioned carousel,…
Nancy Bryan
December 14, 2018

Ten Most Secure Locations on the Planet

Some places take their security to the next level. Multi-layered protection at it’s best, these high security locations are designed to be impenetrable and withstand almost anything. Crossing a spectrum of different types of facilities, these locations are currently ten of the most secure in the world. Area 51; Nevada, USA A top-secret military testing facility, Area 51 has caught the interest and curiosity of people all over the world. It is a subsection of either Edwards Air Force Base or Nellis Air Force Base – the question of association hints at the mystery of the place. It was identified as the only location Skylab 4 astronauts were not allowed to photograph. Visitors arrive in unmarked airplanes. The airspace above…
Nancy Bryan
September 4, 2018

Three Amazing Summer Destinations For Your Family

Summer is here, school is out and the kids are ready to go out and have fun! Staycations are always a great way to spend quality family time, but parents need a change of scenery away from the office too. Here are three amazing vacations to take this summer that have kid-friendly fun for all ages! Aulani – A Disney Resort on the island of Oahu The Hawaiian Islands are breathtaking during all months of the year, but summertime is for families looking for “a whole new world” off the mainland. Oahu is where city life meets aloha life, and Disney’s 21-acre Aulani Resort is the place to be for keiki (children) and their parents. The Aulani Resort, recently renovated…
Nancy Bryan
July 25, 2018

Keeping Your Home Safe While You are on Vacation

Beautiful beach sunsets. Exotic culinary delight from far off lands. Sleeping in without an alarm clock in a plush hotel bed. Recharging your internal battery and returning home feeling renewed. These are the things that come to mind when one takes a vacation. But in reality, these memories can all wash away the moment you step out of your Uber to find that your home has been broken into. Technology has come a long way and makes many aspects of our lives much easier and more convenient than ever. Home security is one of those areas. Here are a few tech savvy tips to make your home more secure while you are enjoying your vacation. There’s an App For That.…
Nancy Bryan
April 26, 2018
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