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Keeping Your Home Safe While You are on Vacation

By April 26, 2018 No Comments


Beautiful beach sunsets. Exotic culinary delight from far off lands. Sleeping in without an alarm clock in a plush hotel bed. Recharging your internal battery and returning home feeling renewed. These are the things that come to mind when one takes a vacation. But in reality, these memories can all wash away the moment you step out of your Uber to find that your home has been broken into. Technology has come a long way and makes many aspects of our lives much easier and more convenient than ever. Home security is one of those areas. Here are a few tech savvy tips to make your home more secure while you are enjoying your vacation.

There’s an App For That.

Security systems such as Frontpoint come with an app so you can conveniently be aware of what is going on in your home at all times. Check on your house sitter, pet, and even your kids while you are away. The app will let you set or disarm your home security system no matter where you are and alerts you if you have left the house without setting it. Live camera feeds are viewable from your phone, PC, or tablet and recordings are sent to you via email should you need the footage for any reason. Frontpoint simplifies home security and comes with central monitoring services through Rapid Response to dispatch authorities, etc.

Who’s At The Door?

Nest comes with a mobile app to alert you if someone has triggered an alarm while you are away. It also can record activity at your front door in 4K and scare off intruders as you listen and talk through the system. Nest Cam IQ models can determine whether someone is a familiar face or a stranger. With the Nest Aware feature upgrade you get an alert if people are talking in specified activity zones and recordings are stored in the close with 24/7 access for up to 30 days. Nest Aware algorithms can also detect whether something is a person or a thing and distinguish sounds as human voice or barking dog. And if you are expecting a visitor, the Nest Tag feature allows designated guest, e.g., pet sitters, entrance into your alarm activated home without triggering any events.

Perception is Key

Keep in mind, simulating a presence in your home while on vacation is an effective deterrent to intruders. First, don’t sent hints out to the world while traveling by checking-in on Facebook or posting Instagram Stories. Save your photos and digital story telling for when you return. Second, stop your mail and have your neighbors keep an eye on your home and remove any packages that appear on your doorstep. Third, put your lights on a timer along with shutters and/or blinds. Last, keep your valuables out of plain site. Alarms systems and cameras do a great job of deterring and notifying in case of a break-in, but it still takes authorities time to get to the scene. Don’t make it easy for burglars to steal your valuables; make sure to secure them into a well-designed, non-movable safe. For more information on how Casoro Jewelry Safes can protect your valuables while you are away on vacation, please call 800.538.0600 or visit casorojewelrysafes.com and download our FREE Buyer’s Guide.

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