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There are many benefits to hiring a safe locksmith – from personalized service to advanced technology to emergency assistance – it’s always useful to have the right expert on-hand.

Reliable quality security is a layered approach, and your safe is meant to be your last line of defense. But what about your full security needs? Being proactive with the right perspective can keep you one step ahead of any vulnerabilities. A local locksmith is a very valuable resource in this case.

Your locksmith can provide insight into your first and second lines of defense, in addition to your safe. For example, they can recommend security systems, suggest upgraded door lock mechanisms and provide master keys that allow different levels of access to different key molds.

There’s always room to grow your security, but in an initial conversation, it would probably be best to focus on two main security upgrades.

  • Stronger Locks: Locksmiths may recommend different types of locks on external doors because not all door locks are created equal. Your standard bolt on a door isn’t all that secure. There are locks, instead, that have both vertical and horizontal lock mechanisms, and these can provide much better security.
  • Master Key Systems: Locksmiths can design and implement master key systems, which provide different levels of access to different individuals within a property.

The good news is, with a quality safe like a Casoro Jewelry Safe, the only “maintenance” you’ll have with them is changing out the battery in your electronic lock.

If you ever have questions or a bump in the road with your safe, the best people to go to is the company you bought the safe from. Start there, instead of a safe locksmith – which would be more of a tactical measure. Often there are troubleshooting techniques that your safe company can easily walk you through over the phone to solve any problems you may have. Most often, if you have a digital lock, it’s just the battery.

However, if you are locked out of your safe and MUST get in immediately and do not have time to wait for the manufacturer/seller to get back to you, that’s when you reach out to your locksmith friend. Be very sure of your needs here, because unfortunately, they may have to drill into the safe to get it open in worst-case scenarios. Confirm you can open your safe without issue days before you NEED it, i.e. when you go on vacation. Make sure you always have a good locksmith handy, for those times that you can’t be sure about.

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