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Emerald in Titanium with Bubinga and Charcoal, Left Swing

Deciding how to approach your jewelry safe installation is as important as choosing the safe itself. Now that you’ve got your safe selected, where should you put it? Upstairs or downstairs? Den or dressing room? If you’re in the process of remodeling your home, you’re in luck: now is the perfect time to factor the ideal location into your plans. But whether you’re mid-renovation or integrating a jewelry safe into your existing home, here are some important considerations:

Jewelry Safe Installation Locations

You might be tempted to install your jewelry safe in the locked basement, but let’s be honest: If it isn’t conveniently located, you’ll be more inclined to leave your valuables vulnerable on the dresser. Most likely, you’re looking to secure some fine jewelry or watches — and if that’s the case, the most appropriate place for your safe is in the dressing room.

Space & Power
Make sure the safe’s door is able to open 135°–165° to provide full access to drawers. If you choose to place your safe in a corner, allow the door to swing wide open by placing the non-hinge side of the safe in the corner. If your safe has interior lighting or watch winders, it will require easy access to an outlet.

Upper-Level Logistics
If you decide to place your jewelry safe upstairs, keep in mind the logistics of getting it there. Are the stairs and landings large enough to bring the safe upstairs? Is craning it to a balcony a viable option? Be prepared to measure any landings and take photos in order to get confirmation from an experienced safe mover. With modern construction, upper floors can support safes weighing up to 1,000 pounds.

Lock It Down
Fastening your safe to the floor is critical if it weighs less than 450 pounds, but this additional level of security is beneficial for all safes. Bolting your safe to a concrete foundation offers serious security against removal, while bolting to a wood foundation is more about stability than security.

Put It on a Pedestal
If the safe is on the shorter side, place it on top of a solid construction shelf or pedestal to bring it closer to waist or chest level for easy access. We can help you with this.

In fact, we can help you with all aspects of your jewelry safe installation — even if we’re only offering friendly advice! Check out our resources regarding online safe design, prebuilt quick-ship safes, buying a jewelry safe, and designing your own jewelry safe.

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