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Watch safes protect your timepieces and your stories

A great watch safe keeps your collection ready-to-wear 

Watch Safe - Emerald in Cobalt Blue with Blackwood and CharcoalWe sell many different types of safes to many different types of people – but true watch people (and watch safes) are special.

The craftsmanship of a Breguet  or a Chopard is akin to that of a timeless statue, and their aesthetics reflect museum-quality artistry. Perhaps above all, watch people love the story of their watch – the intricacies of its construction and the details and nuances of the materials therein.

An elite timepiece is multifaceted in its value and its beauty and a watch collection is as complicated to secure and maintain as it is breathtaking to behold. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations we generally make for fine watch collectors:

Keep it close, bolt it down

We recommend that your watch safe be housed where you primarily get dressed, generally the master bedroom. If your safe is in the garage or study, your timepieces may be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of leaving the house for an event or work function. We also know that at the end of a long night, returning a fine watch to its safe isn’t always a top priority. Having your watch safe in your bedroom will make it easier to always keep your timepiece secure.

Also, in order to take advantage of every opportunity to increase security, many of our installations include bolting to the floor for additional security. This will keep your timepieces even safer in the instance of a burglary.

Watch winder safes

For timepiece connoisseurs who like to rotate their watches and wear them practically, we highly recommend incorporating automatic winders in your watch safe. These devices will make sure that your watch doesn’t require a time-consuming reset after even a short period of disuse. We can build in an elegant panel of programmable winders that simulate the rotating motion of a person’s wrist to keep watches accurate as to the second, minute, hour, year, moon cycle, and any other movement a watch tracks.

Our safes can be configured with anywhere from two to fifty or more watch winders and can secure additional watches conveniently in drawers. While most of our safes are custom built to the specifications you choose, we also have a generous selection of Ready to Ship safes , some with winders and others that can have winders added.

Next steps

If your collection of watches is sitting on your dresser, we can help it stay secure and ready-to-wear. Our concierge staff  is standing by to discuss options for managing and maintaining your excellent collection – which, let’s face it, is only going to grow!

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High Gloss Curly Maple
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