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If You Read One Blog Post About Jewelry Safety, Read This One:

A Foolproof Method on the Best Way to Use Your Jewelry Safe

Where do you store your jewelry to keep it safe? No, the answer is not on top of your dresser. The safest place for jewelry is to always keep it with you, but sometimes that’s not the most practical option.

For your fine and priceless jewelry and other accessories, the next best option is to invest in a quality burglar and fire jewelry safe that is placed in a convenient area in your home where you’re more likely to use it. If a jewelry safe isn’t conveniently located at reach, then it’s highly likely that you won’t take the time to store your valuables away or access your safe to wear your favorite pieces.

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Secure Your Home

Believe it or not, a jewelry safe should be your last line of defense to protect your priceless valuables. Start by implementing an overall security plan for your entire home with options to use:

  • exterior motion sensor activated cameras
  • alarm signs around the perimeter of your home
  • smart doorbell cameras that allow for two-way communication
  • a guard dog
  • cameras, including one that captures license plates of cars passing in front of your home or in your driveway
  • an alarm system that sounds a loud alarm if someone penetrates your home, sending an alert to your neighbors or the police

Choosing Your Jewelry Safe

Once it’s time to choose your safe, decide which features are most important and crucial to you. Fabric-lined trays or drawers with dividers inside a safe can reduce scratching or rubbing, which protects jewelry from losing its sparkle and shine. If you’re looking to store silver jewelry, special tarnish reducing fabric can be used in drawers to protect it.

Download our Jewelry Safe Buying Guide for expert guidance on choosing the best jewelry safe your storage needs. Our guide will help you evaluate what kind of security you want the safe to provide, where to place your safe in your home, what features to look for, and more. You can also contact us directly to speak with one of our jewelry safe experts.

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