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Your jewelry is only as safe as its home jewelry safe! That’s why it’s so important to arm your safe with the appropriate level of security — and to understand the ratings, classifications and labels assigned to those security levels.

UL-Certified Security for Your Home Jewelry Safe

We offer three security levels for your home jewelry safe, all of which are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and exceed the Residential Security Container (RSC) rating. Whether your primary concern is fire, a typical home burglary or a more sophisticated attack, we have a safe to suit your needs.

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  • RSC/B-Rate
    This is our most popular safe and a great choice if you’re seeking protection from fire or a standard smash-and-grab burglary. These safes have passed UL’s RSC test, during which experienced UL safe technicians unsuccessfully spend a net 5 minutes attempting to open the safe using advanced attack methods. (The typical home burglary is over within 5-10 minutes and employs far simpler tactics.)
  • TL15 Stealth
    These safes provide commercial-level protection against sophisticated safe attacks. Jewelry stores with this type of safe can get insurance for approximately $150K-$250K of inventory. However, these safes do not include a fire protection layer. This allows for better burglar protection without adding significant bulk and weight.
  • TL30 with 2-Hour Fire
    This safe is a step up in burglar protection compared to the TL15 and includes 2-hour fire protection tested at 1,850°. This added protection increases the weight and bulk of the safe. Jewelers get insurance for approximately $350K-$450K of inventory in a TL30 rated composite safe such as this.

You are the best judge of the appropriate level of protection for your home jewelry safe based on your collection and specific situation. These UL ratings offer independent verification that provides true peace of mind. Learn more about the internationally recognized protection we provide on Casoro Burglar and Fire Protection, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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