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What to Look for in Quality Jewelry Safes

By July 26, 2012 No Comments

Ruby Jewelry SafeLooking for a quality jewelry safe? Quality is about the total experience.

It starts with the feeling you have when you walk into the store, or enter the website; when you evaluate and select your purchase. It continues to delivery and on to when the luxury safe is used.  When I am looking for quality, I want to feel it throughout the entire process.

Quality is critical when you are talking jewelry safes. True quality establishes a foundation of confidence in the security that the safe will provide.  You want to work with folks who know their stuff, who can clearly articulate what makes the safe, safe. You want to work with someone who carefully listens to what you need, what you want. Someone who will take the time to address your unique requirements. You want to be sure you get the right security solution for your precious valuables.

Quality is a product that is made right, without cutting corners. It is made by workers that care, that take their work seriously, that have a high standard of excellence. Quality products are made with the best of materials. A quality home jewelry safe provides the protection you want, the protection you need, both burglar and fire protection.

You want quality through and through, not just surface deep. Quality that comes from the very best of construction with multiple layers of steel and a poured layer of fire protection. Security that includes serious boltwork and the best of locks. You also want a luxury safe with a Mercedes Benz quality paint job, rich deep color, exotic woods and upgraded fabrics.

Quality means you want to customize your jewelry safe to meet your needs, your décor, your collection. You want to pick the colors, the type of wood, the fabric. You want to use the space well with drawers to organize your jewelry. The drawers have compartments just the right size for the items you want to protect. You want to make this safe work for you, not just pick something generic up off the shelf.

Delivery is a part of a quality experience as well. You want professionals who know what they are doing when they bring the jewelry safe into your home. You want to look in their eyes and be confident that they won’t damage your home, the floors or walls, that you can trust them.

Quality means this jewlery safe is better than the others, that this will meet your desires and expectations. Quality will delight you and give you a sense of pleasure when you put your jewelry away at night and when you open the safe in the morning as you are getting dressed.

Quality is not about marketing hype, fancy five dollar words or photoshopped images. It’s embodied in the product made by real folks who care enough to provide personal service when they help you choose your ideal jewelry safe. It’s demonstrated by the people who make a solid and secure product that they are proud of. These folks ensure that that your safe arrives in your home in excellent condition, is placed in a convenient location and provides you the security you need to sleep well at night.

At Casoro Jewelry Safes we provide that kind of quality and we welcome your visit whether in person at our Southern California showroom, by phone or on our website. Come visit us today!

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