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How to Store Your Jewelry

By March 24, 2014 No Comments

Your jewelry pieces are as unique in their storage needs, as they are in their beauty. That’s why it’s so important to know how to store your jewelry. Proper storage will help keep your pieces stay shiny and new while they’re safely tucked away inside your jewelry safe. We are eager to help you customize your safe to fit your collection, so let us know what types of jewelry you are interested in properly storing and we will help design your safe to best store your precious pieces.

jewelry safe for fine chinaSilver – It’s no mystery that silver, unfortunately, lends itself to tarnishing. But, tarnish can be minimized with the use of silvercloth. Better quality silvercloth is embedded with silver particles rather than just infused with chemicals. These silver particles absorb the silver tarnishing sulfur gases. We use Pacific Silvercloth which is always brown, since the silver particles in the cloth discolor to brown absorbing the surfur gases before they get to the protected items. If you would like any of your jewelry safe drawers lined in silvercloth, just let us know. Your jewelry safe can be customized for more than just silver jewelry; check out the photo to the left, designed for a customer who wanted to protect her silver serving pieces and fine utensils.

Gold – If you store your gold pieces together in soft satin or velvet pouches, you’re not alone. However, be ware of storing multiple pieces in a single pouch or pocket. Instead store each item separately so they won’t rub against each other and wear down over time. Also be careful not to store your gold with other gemstones; gold is a semi-soft metal and can be dented or scratched by gems. Customized drawer interiors available in Casoro Jewelry Safes can address these potential problems with a protective compartment for each item. Check out our standard options or call us to design a drawer interior that works best for your collection.

jewelry safe with drawersPearls – Precious pearls are probably the most delicate pieces of jewelry, so it’s important to take care of them to preserve their luster. Avoid hanging strands of pearls on necklace racks, instead for optimum preservation lye them flat to avoid streatching or damaging the delicate fabric strands that hold the pearls together. Your pearls are also sensitive to heat and dryness. If you live in a dry environment, consider placing a container of water near your pearls when you store them. At the same time, you don’t want too much humidity. If you also are storing silver in the same location the humidity can lead to tarnish. In high humidity environments consider using an electric dehumidifier that keeps the moisture in the air rather than a moisture removing dehumidifier that can dry out your pearls.

Diamonds and Other Gemstones – All diamonds and most gemstones are hard in nature compared to metals, so they will not get scratched or dented themselves, but they may scratch metals. Be especially cautious with diamonds and store them separately from all other jewelry. If you are curious which stones will scratch other types of stones, this chart from the GemSociety.org shows the hardness of the different gems. Each of these stones can be scratched by any of the gems above them (Diamonds being the hardest and Talc or “soapstone” being the least hard):

10 – Diamond
9 – Corundum (that’s rubies and sapphires)
8 – Topaz
7 – Quartz
6 – Feldspar
5 – Apatite
4 – Fluorite
3 – Calcite
2 – Gypsum
1 – Talc

Be sure to check out our;

These suggestions will help keep your jewelry looking it’s best. But don’t stop there, protect your precious pieces from burglary and fire as well with a Casoro Jewelry Safe.  Call us today so we can help you design a customized luxury jewelry safe.

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High Gloss Curly Maple
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