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Casoro Jewelry & Watch Safes

The Just for Her Small Jewelry Safe

By August 21, 2014 No Comments

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then those sparkling jewels deserve a quality home as beautiful as they are – introducing the just for her small jewelry safe. This one of a kind, little taste of luxury, is all a girl needs for her favorite jewels of all kinds. Rest assured, knowing these precious possessions are tucked away safe and secure when not being worn out on the town. Afterall, what kind of best friend would a girl be, if she left her one of a kind jewelry exposed and vulnerable to burglary, fire, and other types of harm? Invest in a secure and luxurious home for your jewelry. Your jewelry will appreciate it! We have the best jewelry safe for that lady of the house.

Casoro’s Topaz small jewelry safe (shown here in Precious Pink with a Curly Maple wood chest and Champagne ultrasuede interior) comes as girly as you want to make it! Don’t be afraid to have a little fun; with every color option at your fingertips, the just for her becomes the just for you! Personalize your drawer interiors with jewelry compartments of your choosing to fit your valuable collection. Whether you have a passion for glamorous rings, bangles galore, or necklaces in all shapes and sizes, your jewelry drawers are customized to safely store all of your pieces. Need something a little larger, but not too big? The Sapphire will give you that extra storage space for more jewelry or a little extra growing room for the future.small jewelry safe with drawers for home

This baby may be small, but her security is unrivaled. Independently tested and verified by Underwriters Laboratory for burglary and fire protection, bolt her down and no burglar is going to be stealing her away. Plus, with over 30,000 of these safes delivered to customer’s homes across the country, these safes have an outstanding track record.

Be sure to take advantage of the fun accessories when designing your custom jewelry safe, such as interior lighting, a beveled mirror on the door, or even a biometric lock for ultimate cool factor! Give your jewelry the security it deserves in a small jewelry safe that will last you a lifetime. Design your own online or give us a call today!

Security Never Looked So Good!

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