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Titanium Jewelry & Watch Safe Installed in Primary Bedroom ClosetStoring your jewelry in a jewelry safe  is a great way to protect it from loss or theft. There are plenty of ways to make sure that your precious items stay looking their best when tucked away for protection and storage – follow these steps to ensure that your valuables keep their sparkle for years to come.

Deciding on a Location

Scout different locations in your home before installing the safe; check for extremes of temperature and humidity. When selecting a location for your safe, make sure the spot won’t subject your valuables to potentially harmful changes in environmental factors. For example, if you keep jewelry in a cellar or in-ground safe in the winter and then take it into a warm room, your valuables may suffer. Most safes have built-in insulation features (especially ones that protect against fire damage), but this won’t protect delicate jewelry if the safe is located in a room or building that is not heated.

Storing your Jewelry

Take advantage of the jewelry storage system built into the jewelry safe; place items in your safe in a way that doesn’t put any of your valuables in harm’s way. Many safes have built-in drawers and compartments to display and separate your pieces. If that organization system isn’t right for your current collection, update it so that it is. Never overload a safe; if you find that items are starting to get crowded, you might need to get an additional safe – or trade up to a larger one.

Jewelry Security

Follow best practices for jewelry protection. Just because your jewelry is protected from prying eyes and wandering hands doesn’t mean it’s entirely invulnerable. Different types of metals and gemstones can damage one another if not stored with care (for example, diamonds can scratch metals, gemstones, and even other diamonds). Putting items separately in compartments or soft pouches is a great way to both organize and protect them. Avoid using facial tissues and other rough papers that can tarnish jewelry over time; most jewelry is made of relatively soft metals that mark up easily, and even gemstones can get chipped or broken. If you live in a humid environment, consider adding desiccant or a dehumidifier to your safe. Be aware that if you have pearls or opals you don’t want to use a dehumidifier that removes all moisture but rather one that keeps the moisture suspended. An overly dry environment can be harmful to some jewelry.

Protecting Precious Gems

Take special care of organic gems; pearls, amber, coral, and other materials derived from live sources tend to be much softer, more porous, and more prone to damage than rock-based materials. Ensure that these types of gems aren’t discolored or abraded by treating them gently. Organic gems actually maintain their good looks for longer if taken out of storage on a regular basis and worn; pearls especially keep their luster by coming in contact with natural oils from your skin.

Good Safe-Storing Habits

The best intentions often fade with time. You’ll probably be very conscientious about returning your jewelry to your safe after usage in the beginning. Then, over time, you may fall out of the habit, especially if you’re returning home after a long night or tiring travel. Your safe only works when it’s used properly; don’t undermine its functionality by leaving your jewelry any old place just because it’s convenient.

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With a little special care, the jewelry stored in your safe will stay looking its best for many years to come. After all, you’ve carefully selected your favorite pieces – you should now be able to enjoy these precious items without having to worry about what will happen to them when they’re stored in our luxury jewelry safes. – and we can certainly help you decide what’s the best jewelry safe for your needs.

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