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Jewelry Safes Protect You from the #1 Homeowners Insurance Claim

By September 10, 2012 No Comments

BurglarDid you know that jewelry loss was the highest category of all homeowners insurance claims? Dollar value lost in jewelry was higher than that lost in electronics, furniture or any other category.* And that doesn’t even touch the sentimental value lost. Jewelry was also at the top of the list for number of claims filed. Clearly securing your jewelry in a good quality jewelry safe or general purpose home safe is very important!

Losses are 10 times more likely due to fire and related causes than due to theft.* That gold pendant passed down from your grandmother won’t be so special melted down. So, while you want your security safe to protect your jewelry and other valuables from burglary, fire protection is even more important!

When you go shopping for a jewelry safe look for quality. Buying from a big box store isn’t a great idea. While you may come out with something inexpensive it won’t provide the protection you need. Instead, talk to someone who is an expert in jewelry safes. You don’t want to buy yourself a FALSE sense of security.

Some insurance carriers will offer you a discount on supplemental insurance for jewelry if you keep it in a home safe. So while you are doing something to protect your jewelry and other valuables you may also save some money!

Give us a call today, we would be happy to help educate you on quality jewelry safes! Whether it’s the small Topaz, the large Ruby, or something in between, Casoro Jewelry Safes provide excellence in both burglary and fire protection and we believe in white glove service from start to finish!

* Statistics are for 2010 and come from the Insurance Information Institute, http://www.iii.org/facts_statistics/homeowners-and-renters-insurance.html.

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