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How Much Does a Jewelry Safe Cost?

By October 30, 2013 No Comments

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So, you’ve been thinking about investing in a jewelry safe, but you’re wondering: how much is a custom safe going to cost me? At Casoro Jewelry Safes we get this question a lot, so we decided to help break it down. By the end of this article, you should have a better idea of just how much of an investment your ideal jewelry safe will be. It’s worth investigating to determine which jewelry safe is right for you, so here are the top five components to consider when figuring out how much your jewelry safe will cost. For a more complete cost break down, see our Comparative Specifications and Most Popular Configurations web pages.

Security – A jewelry safe is first and foremost about protecting your precious valuables from burglary and often fire. The safe industry has generally accepted burglar security ratings established by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). You have undoubtedly used and trusted a wide range of products who’s value is verified by UL, things such as a wide appliances, IT equipment, batteries, lighting, toys and more. UL has been providing consumers critical credibility guidance for over a century. The three most popular UL security levels for residential safes in order of increasing security and cost are, Residential Security Container (RSC), TL15 and TL30. All Casoro safes are UL certified for burglary and you choose what level is right for your collection. For more information about these UL security certifications see the Burglar Protection section of our Burglar and Fire Protection web page. Fire protection is another security element often desired in jewelry safe, including fire protection generally adds to the cost and size of a safe but is usually worth the investment. See the above linked web page for more information about fire protection as well.

Size – Jewelry safes come in all shapes and sizes and like most things, the larger the safe, the more it’s going to end up costing. First thing to think about when determining what size safe you need, is where your safe will be residing in your home. Is there a certain section of your closet perhaps, where it will need to fit? Or will it be more of a statement piece on display in your bedroom? Figuring out size restrictions now will help avoid any “uh oh” moments later during installation. Another important piece to keep in mind when pondering the size of your jewelry safe is: what am I going to put in it? You may think your jewelry is small and doesn’t need very much room, but it just so happens that quite often in our business, people come in to purchase their second safe because they have run out of room in their original safe. Our advice to you: always aim on the larger side. Imagine everything you might want to keep in your safe; this may be more than jewelry, it may include things like collectibles, electronics, passports, important paperwork, etc. Laying all of these things out and looking at them will help you to visualize just how much space you will need. Once you’ve done that, choose a safe that’s a bit larger than that to accommodate future valuables you will wish to store as well.

Luxury – How dressed up do you want your luxury safe to be? Most of our customers choose our Gemstone Collection which offers a wide selection of auto quality high gloss paints, elegant hardware finishes, exotic woods and rich microsuede fabrics. It significantly enhances the experience when your safe is as lovely as the valuables inside! Some customers want something even a step above, our Kairos Collection which features a generous display of authentic carbon fiber, soft close drawers and fully custom drawer pulls. Others are less concerned about the luxury upgrades and are focused strictly on functionality and choose our Classic Collection with textured paint finishes and standard woods and fabrics.  Take a look at our safe gallery page to get a better idea of what bells and whistles you might want to have on your safe.

Accessories – How you accessorize your safe depends upon what type of jewelry and other valuables you’ll be keeping in your safe and where the safe is being located. Some popular features include: interior lighting, necklace racks, watch winders and file drawer. A person with an assortment of necklaces, may choose to add a necklace rack on inside the door of their safe for additional and convenient storage. Those with a watch collection will want to add our fully programmable watch winders. Maybe you would like to keep important document in your safe, in that case, you might like to add a file drawer. Again, our advice to you is to think about all of the items you would like to keep in your safe and then determine how you would like to organize them.

Drawer Interiors – Last, but not least, comes customizing your drawer interiors. What type of jewelry will be going into your safe? Do you have rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, all of the above? All of our drawers can be customized to best protect and organize your jewelry collection; it’s completely up to you! Our advice is to lay out all of your jewelry onto your bed and arrange everything how it makes sense to you, to determine what types of compartments will work best. Need ideas? Take a look at our drawer interiors spec sheets.

Bottom line, when it comes to luxury jewelry safes, there’s no “one price fits all.”  Each safe is completely customizable to fit you. Take a few minutes and play around on our Emerald product page where you can build your own safe and see the prices as you go. (Emerald is our most popular model.) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment below!

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