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How Does a Biometric Lock Work?

By June 30, 2014 No Comments

jewelry safe biometric lockWe see these fascinating locks in movies and TV shows all the time, security at the touch of a finger, intriguing right? Biometric locks get a lot of attention in the safe world, as you might guess. So, how do these locks work and why might you choose a biometric lock over another type of lock for your safe?

For starters, it helps to know how a biometric lock works. In essence, these locks use scanning technology to copy and store fingerprints as computer algorithms in the lock’s database. Safe access is granted to stored fingerprints and denied to any other unrecognizable prints. Continue reading to discover the three main reasons why biometric locks are a popular lock choice, on and off the screen!

Advantages of a Biometric Lock

Reason #1 – Quick Access

If any other lock had a one-button only code it would not be considered to be secure by any means, but with a biometric lock, one button is all you need! No quicker access exists in the lock world. At Casoro we use the Sargent & Greenleaf biometric keypad. These locks come with the ability to program up to nine fingerprints, but you don’t have to use all nine. Fingerprints can be easily added and deleted from the lock’s database at any time by the owner. If speedy access is at the top of your list when choosing a lock for your safe, a biometric lock is worth consideration. No hassling with entering combinations or spinning dials, just press and go!

Reason #2 – No Codes to Memorize

If you’re the type of person who forgets codes, passwords, and combinations easily, then a biometric lock could be your easy answer. Of course, if you want even more security, a biometric lock can be programmed to require a code as well as a fingerprint, or even just a code. Any combination basically, of fingerprint and/or code will work with a biometric lock, so you have flexibility in deciding which form of security access you prefer and works best for you.

Reason #3 – Ultimate Security

Movies and TV shows can be misleading when they show fingerprints being copied and used by someone else to break into a safe. Your fingerprints are unique to you and cannot be copied and used by someone else to open your safe, so you can rest assured that even the most skilled thief will not be able to override your lock in this way.

With all of that said, if the biometric’s speedy access is not at the top of your list, or you don’t mind codes and combinations, a biometric lock might not be worth the investment. Mechanical and digital locks are equally secure and in fact, the digital keypad lock is the most popular amongst our Casoro customers. Digital locks, like biometric, offer quick and easy access. They may take a few seconds longer than a biometric lock to open, but it’s all up to you!

So, there you have it! Biometric locks revealed. Have further questions about which lock to choose? Contact us! Our safe experts are always happy to discuss any and all jewelry safe features in detail with you. Be sure to check out our Kairos biometric lock safe.


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