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Do I Need a Fire Safe For My Jewelry?

By April 16, 2014 No Comments

fire destroys pearlsOur Casoro safe experts get asked on a regular basis if it’s important to invest in a fire safe for jewelry, or whether burglar protection is enough. Our advice to them, and to you, is this: Think of your jewelry safe as your ultimate protective backup plan for any unexpected events that could happen to you and your home. Whether it’s a robbery, fire, or natural disaster, your safe should be the final line of defense to ensure your valuables are protected. While burglar protection is important, when you see what irreversible fire damaged jewelry looks like, we think you will want some level of fire protection for your jewelry pieces, just in case the unthinkable should happen to you.

So, what does it mean exactly when we say that your jewelry safe should be your “ultimate protection backup plan?” What we mean is that you are going to have, or you should have, other security and fire preventative measures in place, such as: burglar alarm systems, smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, etc. and most of the time, these systems will help prevent damage or theft of your valuables. However, if those measures should fail, the quality of your safe is truly tested. There is no other ultimate barrier between your jewelry and harm besides your safe, so your safe should be able to measure up to that level of quality protection.

Need proof? If you’re curious about what happens to different types of jewelry in a fire, click on the video above to see exactly what happens to pearls! While hard stones such as diamonds can withstand substantial heat, the jewelry settings they are in such as gold, platinum or silver, along with other sensitive stones and metals will likely be damaged, or completely disintegrated, like the pearl in the video above. We all think that a house fire will never happen to us, but the facts are that over 100,000 house fires happen every year. Consider the fire protection you have in place in your home, and then ask yourself, is it enough?

Fire sprinkler systems, used together with smoke detectors are considered to be extremely effective when used correctly. However, the National Fire Protection Association reported in June 2013 that out of the households with installed fire sprinklers, the sprinklers were only effective 87% of the time. That statistic means that even with the recommended amount of protection, there’s a still a chance that it won’t be enough. Again, think of a fire safe as your ultimate backup plan, to protect your valued jewelry from fire or any other form of attack.

Invest in a fire rated safe for your jewelry. For more detailed information on fire ratings, visit out Fire Ratings page. At Casoro Jewelry Safes, we recommend safes that have been independently tested and certified for at least one hour of fire protection. While the national fire department response time is under 8 minutes, it could be up to 20 minutes, and it could take some time before the fire is extinguished. Don’t invest in a safe that won’t live up to its name when the going gets rough. Have questions about a quality fire safe for your home? Visit our Contact Us page and ask us; we’re always happy to help!

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