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Casoro Jewelry & Watch Safes

Dazzle This New Year with Casoro Jewelry Safes

By December 31, 2013 No Comments

Casoro is kicking off 2014 with a splash of gorgeous color!  This January 2014, is also Casoro’s second birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to take our luxury jewelry safe color palette from beautiful to exquisite? But just a warning: our new, rich Bullion Gold Metallic paint may leave your car feeling envious…but rest assured, your jewelry on the other hand, will revel in the opportunity to reside in security that is as exquisite as she is. Don’t believe us? See for yourself on our new Casoro Gallery page, and no, these photos have not been enhanced, photoshopped, or even Instagrammed…Our promise to you is this: What you see is what you get! True. Vibrant. Exquisite. So go ahead, begin to imagine the possibilities…

To help spark your imagination, Casoro is also rolling out a brand new Luxury Jewelry Safe Design Kit, ready to inspire you on your journey of creating your very own masterpiece! Our kit includes samples of all of our elegant woods, paints, and ultrasuedes, so you can truly let your dreams run wild. Also included, is the Casoro Design Book, to walk you through your design process, detailed specification sheets of each Casoro Gem model, and a sparkling keepsake lock pendant, filled with an inspirational slideshow of safe combinations to get you on your way to making your one-of-a-kind creation a reality. Contact us to order yours today!

If you want even more inspiration, be on the lookout, coming soon to the Casoro website, our Customer Luxury Safe Creation Gallery page where you will see our latest customers’ very own safe creations in our warehouse before they get shipped out to their new homes. Have an idea of your own, but not sure how it will look? Let us know, we may have photographed a similar jewelry safe creation for another customer and can send the photos straight to you. Even better yet, if you like one of the safes on our main gallery page and live locally, or plan to be in sunny SoCal sometime soon, stop by to see it in person!

2014 is a year of inspiration for Casoro, and we hope it will be for you as well. If you can dream it, it’s our wish to handcraft it for you, so contact us and share with us your vision for your custom jewelry safe. We look forward to sharing in the inspiration with you this year. Cheers!

Security Never Looked So Good!

High Gloss Curly Maple SampleHigh Gloss Curly Maple Sample
High Gloss Curly Maple
High Gloss Mahogany SampleHigh Gloss Mahogany SampleHigh Gloss Mahogany
High Gloss Bubinga SampleHigh Gloss Bubinga SampleHigh Gloss Bubinga
High Gloss Blackwood SampleHigh Gloss Blackwood SampleHigh Gloss Blackwood
High Gloss Bocote SampleHigh Gloss Bocote SampleHigh Gloss Bocote
High Gloss Wenge SampleHigh Gloss Wenge SampleHigh Gloss Wenge