A luxury safe that fits your personal collection

Luxury Jewelry SafeGivenchy says it best; the word luxury encompasses each and every detail. Luxury is in the look, it’s in the feel, and beyond all that…it’s in the experience. To be able to experience luxury in your personal jewelry safe is truly, well…a luxury! A safe does not have to be just a grey, cold, steel, box with a lock; a Casoro luxury safe can be so much more! Let your creativity run wild, as we paint you a picture of what could be…

You wake up in the morning and begin to get ready for the day. You open up your closet, or your dressing room, and there in front of you stands your sparkling safe, in your custom color that makes you smile just by looking at it. Its beauty on the outside is as enchanting as your jewelry pieces being protected on the inside. You go to open the door, and with the touch of your fingertips, your safe knows your touch, whether you have a biometric lock, electronic keypad or mechanical dial; your lock style is up to you! You open the door and as if on command, your jewelry safe lights up, illuminating your treasures on display. You take a moment to admire your very own jewelry store counter… almost like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but better! This jewelry store counter resides right in the comfort of your own home, available to gaze upon, whenever your heart desires.

Next, you pick out your jewels for the day, and take a step back to see them reflected in the beveled mirror on the inside of your jewelry safe door. If only you could play dress up all day…With reluctance, you shut your safe door, securing the remaining valuables inside. You rest assured throughout the day, that your pieces are protected from burglary, fire, or anything else the world could throw their way, because your luxury safe is quality rated, impenetrable, the best of the best. In the evening, you return to find your safe there, waiting to greet you and welcome your jewelry back into its protective care. This luxury safe is: security, beauty, and completely YOU in every way!

This picture of luxury doesn’t have to be just a dream; say goodbye to rummaging in jewelry boxes, sock drawers, or other unattractive, or unsecure, locations. Your luxury jewelry safe can be customized to fit your valuable collection. So, whether you have watches that require winders, rings galore, or even sterling silver flatware and serving pieces that require extra tarnish protection, luxury is in the details. From the appearance to the convenience, from the style to the usability – go ahead, create and customize to your heart’s content! THAT is what a luxury safe is all about.

Security Never Looked So Good!