Expedited Holiday Delivery

Looking to cut down lead time on a custom safe? Here’s your solution.

Limited Offer On Select Colors & Sizes.

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This holiday season give the gift of peace of mind.
We’re here to make it as easy as possible.

Custom safes will be delivered after the holidays.
If you need one even quicker, explore our Ready To Ship safes.

Two Ways to Get Yours:


If you’ve already designed your safe,
contact us using the form on this page.

Haven’t designed your safe yet? Select the DESIGN button below. This will take you to the Meet The Collections page. From here, select your desired Collection, then size, and create your design. Our team will reach out to discuss Expedited Delivery.

Some exclusions apply. See the bottom of this page for details.

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Less decisions to make. Even faster delivery.
Let’s make this as easy as possible, shall we?

Select the button below to view all available Ready To Ship safes. Identify your safe and upon check out, add a note requesting Expedited Delivery. Our team will reach out to make arrangements.

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    The best way to determine if your design can be expedited is to connect directly with us. Actual delivery date is dependent upon the local installer in your area. We’ll make the arrangements for you.

    This is only available in certain sizes and colors. Design your dream safe online then contact our experts to see if we’re able to expedite it.

    Safes with Watch Winders: These custom builds will not be delivered in time for the Holidays but will arrive shortly after if expedited.

    Gemstone Collection: Alabaster, Warm Cream, Onyx, Chocolate, Titanium
    *Only one Burnt Orange Emerald safe.
    Security Levels: RSCI, RSCII, Limited TL-15 & TL-30

    Classic Collection: All colors available currently.
    Security Level: RSCI

    Kairos Collection: We cannot guarantee holiday delivery, unfortunately.
    Due to the complexity of working with carbon fiber, we will do our best but it may not be there in time. Talk with our experts to confirm.