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Christmas is the time of giving and gifting. It’s a jolly season of giving presents to our dearest families and friends. Though the spirit of giving should be practiced all year round, nothing speaks of Christmas more than fancy and rare presents. Here are some over-the-top Christmas gift ideas to make your loved ones feel special and spoiled.

  1. Chanel Bike. Don’t just give a typical bike from the store down the road. Make sure your special one rides in style with a $17,000 Chanel bike. It has impressive details like a pant guard, and a signature Chanel quilted leather bike pump and handles. It also comes with a jewelry roll and two quilted flap bags that can be used as shoulder bags.
  1. Oscar de la Renta Gown. A fashionable loved one deserves a timeless gown such as an Oscar de la Renta. It’s both a statement piece and a good investment. Find one with a flattering silhouette that can be passed down.
  1. Hand-painted Birkin Bag. The Hermes Birkin bags are classic luxury faves. It’s even more luxurious and expensive when these bags become one-of-a-kind with a work of art on them. Artists can be commissioned to paint on these bags. Kanye West, for example, commissioned George Condo to paint a Birkin bag for Kim Kardashian-West.
  1. Typewriter or Manuscript of a Famous Writer. If you have someone in your life who looks up to a famous writer, an actual vintage typewriter of Mark Twain would be a unique present. Another option is to purchase an original manuscript of their favorite book.
  1. Black Mercedes-Benz Vehicle. Splurge your loved one with a fancy ride, like a new Mercedes-Benz. Whether you opt for a CLS Coupe or an G63 AMG, there’s nothing like riding around the town with a shiny black Mercedes.
  1. Ticket to Space. Send them on an exclusive and rare journey to space. You can purchase tickets from Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin next year. Pricing starts at $300,000 upwards per ticket.
  1. Charter A Private Jet. Why not travel in style by booking a flight for you and that special person, creating an adventure they will never forget.
  1. Private Winery Tour. A rare bottle of wine is nice, but how about booking a private wine tour to enjoy that special and rare bottle of their favorite wine.
  1. Designer Luggage. To match someone’s jet-setting lifestyle, customized designer luggage is a perfect present. Louis Vuitton’s personalized luggage and travel bags never go out of style.
  1. Vintage Car. Classic vehicles are always worth splurging for, so why not bring back those fond memories they once had with something special, fully restored and ready to enjoy. Just make sure it’s their favorite shade.
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High Gloss Curly Maple
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