Your Choice of Advanced Winding Technology

Automatic watches require compatible rotating mechanisms to match their unique movements. Casoro offers only the highest quality winders, in two designs: interval and advanced.

Interval winders swing the watch, closely simulating the natural movement of your wrist. A single revolution is initiated by a low energy motor creating a progression of oscillations in 8 or 12 minute intervals. These infrequent bursts of power allow the interval winder to keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Advanced watch winders are for the watch lover looking for maximum control. Each winder can be programmed to specific winding cycles based on numbers of turns per day. You also choose the direction of rotation; clockwise, counter-clockwise or automatic reversing. Guidance on optimal settings for your watches can be found through your watch supplier, or better yet give us a call and we can assist you. Advanced winders are available as an upgrade. Please let us know if you are interested in this type of winder.

Both interval and advanced watch winders can operate on long-life battery or AC/DC power adapter. AC/DC power is recommended in configurations with more than three winders.

Beware of Bad Watch Winders

It’s important to note that a poorly constructed watch winder can do more harm than no winder at all. Automatic watches are designed to be worn by people. The natural movements of the human wrist create a fairly even distribution of motion, which is flawlessly recreated in a quality watch winder. A bad winder however, can have too much movement or repetitive motions and actually wear down your watch’s mechanisms. Just remember, fine watches deserve fine winders, nothing less.

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Custom Design Placement

Any and all of our Casoro and Kairos safe models are excellent candidates to become your Ultimate Watch Safe. When designing your safe you will be given the opportunity to include watch winders in the quantity that best meets your need. The classic design presents watch winders in a horizonatal panel, in rows of two, three, four or even more according to the width of the safe and your desire.  Watch winders can also be integrated into extra deep drawers, if you wish for them to be tucked away out of sight. No matter where you decide to place your fine watches, residing in the Ultimate Watch Safe is the right place to be!

 Give us a call to discuss custom options for your personal watch safe.