Kairos Collection


Modern, sleek security for watches, jewelry and other valuables. Precision crafted with a high tech look that incorporates carbon fiber, custom sculpted handles and watch winders. Explore the models below and give us a call, 800.538.0600 or send us an email and one of our luxury safe consultants would be happy to assist you.

luxury safes


Compact yet comprehensive for watches and jewelry in a size that fits most places.

  • 26”
  • 447 lbs.
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watch safe


Mid-size, allowing plenty of room for watches and jewelry with open space and shelves for other valuables.

  • 42”
  • 641 lbs.
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jewelry safe


A commanding presence with larger capacity for more extensive collections.

  • 61”
  • 880 lbs.
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Kairos is where maximum security converges with ultimate sophistication to deliver the ultra-modern luxury safe. Thwart would-be intruders with 60+ years of safe-building expertise. Raise the pulse with high tech materials including carbon fiber and aircraft-grade, polished aluminum.  Executive privilege completes the package with automatic watch winders, luxurious microsuede, custom drawer organizers, soft-close drawers and elegant LED lighting.

Kairos, the ancient Greek word, means the opportune moment for decisive action.  Make this your Kairos moment – act now to neutralize the lurking threat, theft of your precious possessions, by identifying your perfect Kairos jewelry and watch safe.  Like the mountain peaks they are named after, Kairos safes are an imposing barrier to keep thieves from your valued collection.

“This is the right time, and this is the right thing”

 – Sir Thomas Moore

"It's the best thing I ever bought for myself. I wear my jewelry now. I'm just sad I missed out all these years, but there's no going back I am so glad I finally did this!"

- Patrice in LA