Choose a Gemstone safe to design

Explore our Gemstone Collection below to see what size safe is right for you. From there, follow the steps on proceeding pages to determine the rest of your customization. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are always happy to assist in this process.


Convenient size that can fit almost anywhere

  • 21″ x 18″x 21″
  • 315 lbs.
  • Base Price: $2,975
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Ideal in the corner of your closet, vanity or dressing room

  • 27″ x 22″ x 23″
  • 515 lbs.
  • Base Price: $3,495
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Perfect for a larger closet or study

  • 40″ x 22″ x 24″
  • 720 lbs.
  • Base Price: $3,950
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Most popular size, maximum storage with minimum footprint

  • 60″ x 24″ x 23″
  • 765 lbs.
  • Base Price: $4,795
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Up to 6’ tall, the best option for a large collection of valuables

  • 60″ x 30″x 24″
  • 950 lbs.
  • Base Price: $5,125
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custom safes

"It's the best thing I ever bought for myself. I wear my jewelry now. I'm just sad I missed out all these years, but there's no going back I am so glad I finally did this!"

- Patrice in LA