Design a safe customized to your tastes

At Casoro, we treat our custom safes like fine automobiles: each is crafted with design, precision and safety in mind – and no two are exactly alike. We give our customers the ability to choose the model/size, color, fabric, wood type and finish of most every inch of the inside and outside of our custom safes. From there, decide on your security options, number of drawers, drawer interiors, and a host of other options. If this process sounds overwhelming it needn’t be, we are happy to walk you through it over the phone and offer our expert and experienced advice.

Our Design-A-Safe Process

Our Design-A-Safe process first begins with choosing your theme: Gemstone Luxury, USC Collection for fans of the University of Southern Cal, Kairos Ultra-Modern Luxury, or Classic. From there, design your custom jewelry safe with these four simple steps.


STEP 1. Choose Finish

  • High gloss exterior colors
  • Hardware material
  • High security lock
  • Interior microsuede fabric
  • Wood interior
  • Drawer pulls


STEP 2. Choose Security

  • Level of security
  • Direction of door swing


STEP 3. Choose Drawers

  • Drawer layouts & configurations*
  • Watch pillows


STEP 4. Choose Accessories

  • Customized dedication plate
  • LED lighting*
  • Necklace racks
  • Door mirror
  • Watch Winders *
  • Chrome door panel
  • File drawers
* Standard lighting requires AC outlet access. Battery powered options are available, just ask us.
* Watch winders – For more options, explore the Kairos Collection
* Drawer options – Choose from standard or custom drawer options

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"It's the best thing I ever bought for myself. I wear my jewelry now. I'm just sad I missed out all these years, but there's no going back I am so glad I finally did this!"

- Patrice in LA